Curriculum Vitae




I was born in 1973 in the town of Miskolc, Hungary. I went to elementary school in Debrecen and Tokaj, and then majored in Sculpture and Bronze Casting at the Nyíregyháza Vocational Secondary School of Fine Arts. After my GCSE’s I went on to study sculpture at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, where my mentor was György Segesdi. In 1996, I won a scholarship for a course in sculpture at the Internationale Sommerakademie für Bildende Kunst in Salzburg, Austria. I graduated from the University of Fine Arts and also became a member of the National Association of Hungarian Creative Artists in 1997.

I taught sculpture as an assistant teacher at the Nyíregyháza Secondary School of Fine Arts during my years of alternative military service. From 1999 to 2001, I was a teacher of professional skills, drawing and modelling  at the Gábor Áron Vocational Secondary School of Arts in the town of Miskolc, where I then went on to teach sculpture at the Eötvös József Vocational Secondary School. In 2001, I became a member of the Sculptors’ Chapter  of the Association of Hungarian Artists and Designers. I continued teaching sculpture and drawing at the Abigél Foundation Vocational Secondary School of Fine Arts in Nyíregyháza until 2012.

Both during and after my teaching career, I entered my works for exhibitions and modelled several public sculptures.




My public sculptures and reliefs


1992 – Portrait of John Calvin (bronze) in Csenger

1996 – A relief of Kossuth (bronze) in Szerencs

1998 – Táltos (stone) in Budapest

1998 – Saints Cosmas and Damian – a full-length façade statue (bronze) in Budapest

1999 – A bust of Kossuth (bronze) in Nyíradony-Tamásipuszta

1999 – Hussars of Hungary’s 1848 War of Independence (bronze) in Hajdúnánás

2000 – A bust of Széchenyi (bronze) in Nyíradony-Tamásipuszta

2001 – A bust of Bocskai (bronze) in Bocskaikert

2001 – A buts of Bocskai (bronze) in Nyíradony-Tamásipuszta

2003 – A plaquette of King Mathias (bronze) on a bridge across the Hernád river

Award plaquette “For Veterinary Journalism” (bronze) in Budapest

2004 – A relief of Rákóczi (bronze) in Bodrogkeresztúr

Award figurine “For General Education” (Matura, Miskolc)

2005 – Award plaquette of Veczán Pál (Miskolc)

2006 – Award plaquette of Hutyra Ferenc (Budapest)

2007 – Award plaquette “For Health in the City” (Budapest)

2008 – Sculpture “Kereszt-úr” (“The Cross Lord”) in the Cultural Centre of Bodrogkeresztúr

2010 – Sculpted drinking fountain with a griffin (Bodrogkeresztúr)

2011 – A sculpture of Bacchus in the courtyard of the Tokaj Museum

2013 – A relief of Gárdonyi in Tokaj